Capex Inks offer a variety of pack types and sizes

Custom      Inks

Formulated to suit your substrates

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Capex Print Supplies

Print       Supplies

Printing supplies and consumables

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Photopolymer Platemakers, Materials and Services

Make printing plates in your own factory with Capex photopolymer plate materials and high quality platemakers. Alternatively we offer a full artwork and platemaking service for customers.

Experts in Blending Specialized Inks

Experts     in      Ink     Blending

Choose the one who knows the complete "system"

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Ink Expertise

We do not profess to be experts in all phases of product printing, nor will we give you the false impression that we are! We do believe, however, that our concentration in a relatively narrow field for over 110 years has given us a unique position and a professional knowledge base that is rarely challenged.

Certainly, we do know "something" and consider ourselves to be "experts" in our specialized field. We also are prepared to learn continually by accepting new challenges and thereby increase our knowledge base.

Note: Optimal printing does not occur by chance. It is a result of using a matched printing "system" that includes a printer, blankets, rollers, inks and cleaners.